Saturday, January 14, 2012

Irresponsible pet owners

We all know irresponsible pet owners. We all attempt to educate these folks every chance we get. It is a fine line when they don't want to hear what you are saying and the animal is the one who suffers.
I don't own a cat but know many who do. Most of the people I know who own cats keep them indoors and the cats function just fine. I also know some who allow their cats outside via cat door and the cats come and go as they please.
Then there are the people who own a cat and simply dump it outside, along with a dish for food and water and never interact with the animal again.
I have one of those in my neighborhood. We also have a cat wandering around who is a very nice cat. We, all suspect the cat belongs to this person, but since she will not speak to any of us, we really don't know. He stands at the outside door and meows piteously to go inside on cold nights, sprays all over our cars and wreaks havoc on all the dogs in the neighborhood.
About six weeks ago, another neighbor began feeding this poor feline and set up a box with blankets outside her door for him. She has several cats and three dogs already, so doesn't have room for another cat, but felt sorry for the one outside.
She found he was a very nice cat, affectionate and loving, and simply was neglected. He was also intact, which can cause even more kittens who are unwanted.
Yesterday she call and asked my opinion on what to do with this cat. He is intact, no tag or collar and obviously a neighborhood nuisance.
Does he belong to someone? We don't really know so to give him a better chance at a good life, my neighbor is taking him to a rescue to have him neutered, get his shots and try to find him a loving home. One where he will be appreciated for the loving animal he is and not dumped outside in the elements, to wander around, create more unwanted kittens, and either get hit by a car or starved to death due to neglect.

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