Friday, January 13, 2012

Senior Rottweiler in Tampa needs home; owner died

This is Lakota, an older female rottie (not sure of exact age) who's owner passed away at home with Lakota in the house with him, for 2 WEEKS. Lakota was adopted from a Rottie Rescue in Florida years ago, the family does not know which one. She was taken to Suwannee County Animal Control in Live Oak, FL and was later picked up by deceased owner's brother, and brought to his home in Tampa. The brother, Preston was hoping that Lakota could live her life out there with his family and several other dogs. Lakota got along great with the bigs dogs,but, unfortunatley she does NOT get along with small dogs, and went after the 2 Chihuahua's she was given a second chance and same reaction it was clear that she does not do well with little dogs!!! However, loves children and was very happy to be around a 9 year old!!! PLEASE crosspost for her, she is a senior and will not be adopted out if she goes back to AC. I am no longer in Florida, I moved to Maryland and cannot take her I can be the point of contact for now PLEASE forward to anyone that is on your approved Rescue list-THANK YOU for helping Lakota!!!!! FYI spayed and very well behaved!!! crate trained, etc.

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