18 dogs euthanized in Miami; could be more

Miami-Dade's animal control agency has a very checkered life. It seems the problems they have are ongoing.
Now it is an outbreak of distemper, which is a virus spread through airborn particles. We all get our pets vaccinated, and this is one of the vaccines puppies receive. After a series of puppy shots, most dogs develop antibodies which prevent them from getting the disease. So far 18 dogs have had to be euthanized and they are watching and checking other dogs for the disease. This has put a stop to any adoptions or any animals coming in.
Unfortunately, they have a terrible problem with unwanted pets in the Miami-Dade County area. The story quotes 36,000 animals taken in last year. Can you imagine? 36,000 unwanted animals. Hopefully, they will get this outbreak under control before any other dogs lose their life.
Check out the story here.


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