Saturday, January 21, 2012

Satchel's Last Resort is looking for donations

Satchel's Last Resort, which is the rescue I volunteer at, is overwhelmed with animals. It is unfortunate we are in the same situation which many rescues and shelters are in. We are saving as many animals as we can, but due to the economy, no one has a lot of disposal income right now to donate to worthy causes. When we don't have money coming in, less animals get saved. Those are the logistics of animal rescue. Money=adoptions=more kennel space=more lives saved.
In the past couple of weeks we have pulled several high risk animals including two momma dogs and their puppies. Our foster homes are full, our kennels are full, and we can use some help.
We always need dog treats, bleach, bedding and MONEY. We provide enrichment with some staff and dedicated volunteers but nothing beats in influx of cash. I am not too proud to ask for it.
We take animals from several different agencies, most of the time they are high risk due to medical issues. We give them the best care possible, fix their boo boos, fatten them up, and try to find homes for them. Those who are deemed not adoptable for any reason, live the rest of their lives with us with no threat of euthanization.
Right now, we have lots of adoptables. These range from new puppies or my favorites, some seniors who are looking for a place to spend the rest of their lives being appreciated and in comfort.
If you can help in any way, please visit our webpage , and check out the very deserving animals who reside with us. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and anything which is donated is tax deductible.
The animals need you. Please don't let them down.

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