Sunday, January 29, 2012

Montgomery County, Tennessee on track to reduce euthanasias

Knowing that many animal control agencies in the south have very high euthanasia rates makes animal rescuers' job that much harder. Day in and day out we share pictures and descriptions of homeless pets who need to be rescued.
I am always happy to read stories where an animal control agency located in the deep south has hired a new director who is intent on reduce the euthanasia rate in their shelter. It means there are even more up and coming animal people who value the animals much like the rescuers do.
Montgomery County, Tennessee has a new director. With a 95% euthanasia rate, she is determined to reduce the euthanasia figures for her shelter. She began by changing the hours so the shelter is more accessible to the public. If a shelter keeps banker's hours, when are the bankers supposed to adopt the animals? This makes perfect sense to me.
She is also talking about education the public on spay/neuter and caring for the animals. She sounds progressive and forward thinking when working in a community where the majority of people do not see the value in spay/neuter is the norm. Kudos to her and her staff for putting the animals first, which is what rescue is all about.

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