Monday, January 16, 2012

Trying to do the right thing

My best friend of 43 years moved to a rural area of Florida a couple of years ago with her cat and set up housekeeping.
Eight or nine months ago she noticed a little white dog, very unkept who was always coming to her house to visit. She was covered with fleas, undernourished and in generally bad condition. Her owners apparently didn't care much for the little dog and when my friend asked if they would be interested in giving the dog to her, they agreed verbally and she became the proud mom of Precious.
A couple of months ago the neighbors changed their minds. They wanted the dog back and began to call my friend names and having their children do the same. Through it all, she continued to care for Precious including taking her to the vet, having her groomed, and all the things little white fluffy dogs need. She slept indoors, had a grandma and turned into a spoiled little lap dog.
Then yesterday, while my friend was taking her for a walk, the previous owner walked up to her, unhooked the leash and took the dog away.
My friend, who had major heart surgery a year ago and is disabled, could do nothing but watch. She went inside and called the sheriff and although the deputy was very nice, took the report along with all the paperwork showing the care and attention she had given the dog, he expressed concern that in this case it is a he said, she said situation.
My friend is heartbroken. Precious, as most dogs do, kept her going when her spirits were low. I hope she can get her back but the truth is it may not happen.
I am sure we can find another dog for her. This is, after all, what I do. I am just sorry her heart is breaking by trying to do the right thing by the dog.
Some people are just trashy, and I suspect she will relish moving away from there and not having to deal with those neighbors any longer.

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