Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautiful Lab/Dalmation in Parkland Florida languishes in kennel

This is part of an email I received. PLEASE post and crosspost and help this guy out if you can.

He is at a rescue whose response when someone called with concern about this dog was this. Read below .Can someone tell Delcie that many people are very upset that this beautiful loving dog sits in a kennel day after day depressed and ready to give up! I know there are many dogs that sit for months and maybe years in boarding kennels with very little human attention, exercise, and the things they need to be healthy happy animals. If they eventually get homes it is somehow worth it, but many never do and die day by day from boredom, anxiety, and lack of human companionship. Just putting a dog on a Pet finder site where there are thousands of other dogs in competition is not enough to promote an animal for adoption. Please everyone crosspost this really great guy Max and find him a furrever home quickly! If you read his bio he seems absolutely perfect in every way... I assume you can call Delcie at 954-895-2259 if you are interested in Max Thanks Hope

i sent an email to k94u (which is the rescue who has this poor boy indefinitely in a kennel). all i got back was an automated response. but in that response was a phone number contact different than the one on Petfinder. Her name is Delcie and her number is 954-895-2259. Icalled it...and I'll tell you, it was a very disheartening phone call! they are NOT taking him to any adoption events because she says that he barks too much when he's in the crate! she asked where i am and when i told her that I'm in Texas, she asked why I'm trying to help him! I told her that we network the animals with all our contacts through face book and that we don't have to physically be right there. I also told her that several people were very concerned about him. She asked 'why'!!! she said they have lots of 'other dogs who are very nice...why are you concerned with this one?' she wouldn't tell me exactly how long he's been in the kennel but she said they 'rescued' him about 6 months ago. i told her that we were concerned because he looks so broken and so changed from when he first got to the kennel. she admitted that 'he's sad'. but then she went on to say that many many other rescues have numerous other dogs at this same kennel and feels that he's fine where he is! I'm not sure what type of rescue they are...they might be perfectly fine. but i get the feeling that this boy is just being left there and forgotten. I'm heartbroken!!

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