Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zorro is close enough to perfect and needs a home

Rescue dogs are unfortunate because they have no choice in what happens to them. When tragedy strikes a home, the dogs are confused and end up in places where they have no idea what they are doing there. They don't know anyone, the smells are different, they are surrounded by other dogs and humans who just don't seem right. Where did their master go? What happened and why am I here? You can imagine the multitude of questions they must have and we can't answer them. We can only love them and take care of them and try to find them another great home.
Zorro fits into this category. He is about as close to perfect as a dog could be. He likes everyone, humans and dogs alike and has a calm, laid back demeanor.
He is a housebroken, Plott hound mix with beautiful, striped brindling. We think he is four or five years old but he has a grey beard so he may be a little older.
Zorro is confused, though. He doesn't understand why he is at Satchel's. He doesn't know his owner had a stroke, and is barely hanging on. He watches everyone who comes in to see if his master has come for him but the truth is, his master will never come for him again. This means we must find Zorro another home. One where he will be as loved as he was in his previous one. A home who will cherish him for all his life, for the rest of his life.
If you are looking for a dog who is close enough to perfect, please contact 924-5070 or send an email to
But don't take my word for it. Zorro will be waiting on you so he can show you in person just how perfect he can be.

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