Monday, January 23, 2012

G.R.I.T.S. : Going above and beyond

Every once in a while I come in contact with some of the most unselfish people in the world. Because of my work with rescue animals, these people tend to be animal people. It is like they have put all their personal issues aside and are working for the animals and only for the animals. They have no agenda except to help those less fortunate. This is what rescue is all about.
The internet has allowed us in rescue to communicate with others across the country, give animals exposure they would not have gotten any other way, and helped us save countless animals in need.
When I subscribed to G.R.I.T.S. which is an acronym for Girls Raised in the South, I became even more aware of the impact we could have on the homeless animals we deal with.
The women who started this crossposting page are simply wonderful. They are working tirelessly to keep these animals posted and out there for the world wide web to see. They concentrate on the animals of Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. They get no money, no fame and fortune, nothing like that. They do it for the animals. Because we are spread all over the country, I am sure no one has any idea how many animals have been saved through these womens' effort and the many subscribers they have. I am sure it is in the thousands. They are dependent on all of us to post these animals and share the listings. They do not hesitate to call us to task when the postings have slowed down. I, in turn, ask all my friends to share the listings and hope they ask their friends to do the same. I am sure anyone in any area who is reading this could do the same for their area.
So I just want to send out a big thank you to all the people who keep these posts going. They are important and they do help the animals. After all, that is what we want to do. Save as many as possible.

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