Trick or treat: NOT

I am in the process of hiding in my computer room with both my dogs asleep on the floor and all the lights in the house off.
My dogs don't like Halloween and I have come to also dislike this holiday. Too many people bring carloads of teenagers to my neighborhood to try and get as much candy as possible before driving away.
What happened to the cute little kids who wore sheets as ghosts and dressed up like gypsies and pirates with their parents waiting at the end of the driveway for them?
I guess we all grew up, now hide in our offices with our dogs and pretend no one is at home.


Anonymous said…
This is off topic, but you may want to let Kerry know that pumpkin pie filling is NOT good for dogs. It's the canned 100% pure pumpkin that dogs are supposed to have, without all the sugar, etc. People may get the wrong idea and start giving it to their dogs. Of course the dog is gong to eat *just* the "pumpkin pie filling, if you're giving it to them. She needs to clarify that and hopefully not be giving pie filling to the dogs. Putting misinformation out there for public consumption can be dangerous. Just a friendly fyi.
Anonymous said…
I only used the 100% pure pumpkin. I didn't realize there was another one. Thanks for letting me know.
Kerry Koppin

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