Monday, February 20, 2012

Working together on the east coast of Florida for the cats

I love to see rescue organizations working together to try and combat the overpopulation of cats in our state. Sometimes in the rush of getting news on the blog, I forget there is a whole population of cats which continue to need our help. Unwanted cats outnumber dogs in our state when you include all the ferals, most which were at one time, house pets. In this area we have several different groups who have taken this problem and work tirelessly to spay/neuter colonies. volunteers TNR these cats. We are lucky to have them.
The following press release came from the other coast, where they are combining forces to help control this problem along with inexpensive spay/neuter for owned cats.
Check it out and please pass it along to all your contacts on the other coasts. It takes us all working together.
Southeast Florida Animal Shelters Partner to
Beat the Heat!
In an effort to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem in the Southeast Florida region, six animal shelters have joined forces and formed the Southeast Florida Region Spay/Neuter Coalition. The Coalition’s first project is called “Beat the Heat Spay/Neuter Week” and will take place February 21 – 25. This spay/neuter event is for felines eight weeks of age or older who are free-roaming, feral or lucky enough to have a home. The goal of the group is to collectively sterilize 1,650 cats during this time frame. The cost will be just $15 per cat and include rabies vaccination, FVRCP and a microchip.
The six organizations that formed the coalition are: Broward County Animal Care & Adoption, Humane Society of Broward County, Humane Society of Greater Miami, Miami-Dade Animal Services, Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control, and Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. Based on the success of “Beat the Heat Spay/Neuter Week” the coalition hopes to facilitate additional spay/neuter programs in the near future for at-risk animals in the region.
While kittens are cute, the fact is there are simply too many unwanted cats and not enough homes. Only with your help can we reduce the number of unwanted cats entering shelters. Appointments are necessary, and you must be a resident of one of these counties to participate, so please contact the shelter near you to take advantage of this offer as space is limited:
Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control: 561-233-1261
Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League: 561-686-3663
Broward County Animal Care & Adoption: 954-359-1313 ext. 9271
Humane Society of Broward County: 954-895-3605
Humane Society of Greater Miami: 305-696-0800
Miami-Dade Animal Services: 311
Each shelter is independent and not affiliated with one another, however they are coming together to help promote this important message. Pet overpopulation is something we can control, but it will take help from everyone to make a difference.

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