Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Several litters of puppies in Chipley, FL need help

If you can save anyone, Email Sue Bruce at: (at, or call Belva at: 850/638-2082, M-F from 9:00-1:00. You can also text Belva at: 850/260-6781.

Black Labrador Retriever/American Bulldog Mix

These 3 girls are about 10-11 weeks old and sweet and loving. They are mostly black and two have some white on their chests. Adorable.

Labrador Retriever/Plott Hound Mix

5 females in the litter of 6 (male is Ozzie). They are only about 8-10 weeks old and just adorable. They do not look like they will be large adults but medium/large or so. Sweet and friendly litter.

Labrador Retriever/Plott Hound Mix - Ozzie

Retriever/Rottweiler Mix

Crosby (with litter mates Stills and Nash) is a big ball of black fluff. He is only about 10 weeks old and this litter is adorable and sweet. He is solid black.

Retriever/Rottweiler Mix

Nash is the only one with shorter hair and looks more rotty than his two brothers, (Crosby and Stills). He is only about 10 weeks old and all are cute and friendly.

Golden Pointer Bunch (2M-4F)

There is 6 in this litter. Two (one male and one female) look like golden retriever with long hair, two tan shorthair (one male one female,) look more yellow lab, two others, tan and white (both females) look like pointer mix. About 10 weeks old and very cute, big boned and sweet and friendly. Will be large adults.

Boxer/American Bulldog Mix

Hoss is a big teddy bear. He "sits" on command, weighs about 60-70 pounds and is about 2 years old. He has the cutest underbite and looks like a boxer, american bulldog/? mix. Very obedient and loving.

Beagle/Hound Mix:

This little boy looks like a beagle/hound/? mix. There could be some bloodhound or black and tan in there also. He is only about 9-10 weeks old and just adorable.

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