Saturday, February 18, 2012

Senior Boston terrier needs home with no male dogs, Grand Island, Florida

He doesn’t get along with his male and plans to take him to animal control and due to his age, I’m surehe'll be put down! Do you know anyone that’s possibly retired that just needs a companion there’s no fee involved?

Note from temporary foster:

Bo is about 12 yrs old ... neutered and very friendly ... but does not get along well with other male dogs. He has lived with the same gentleman since he was a puppy but unfortunately his owner passed away recently and there was no one to care for him and I did not want to see him get put to sleep so I took him home with me but he does not get along with my male dog at all so I am trying to find a suitable home for him. He appears to be in fairly good health for his age and fairly energetic. I bathed him the night I brought him home and he offered no resistance. He is supposedly up to date on all his shots but I have been unable to verify that for sure. Any help you could give me in placing him in a more suitable home would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 863-698- 6759.

This gentleman had no family except for an adopted brother that he had not talked to in over 30 yrs. His friends advised me that he did take the dog to the vet on a regular basis but were unsure of which one. He is housebroken but not crate trained and I have to keep him separated from my male dog . I live in Grand Island, Fl .... near Eustis and Leesburg. His nails need to be trimmed but note nothing else physically wrong with him.


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