Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet, Lovable, 9 Month Old Male Pit Mix In Need of Rescue or Forever Home in Tampa

Hi Rescue Friends-

Today while doing transport out of Pasco Co. Animal Services, a very young couple sat in their truck with tears in their eyes. Their car door was wide open and a happy go lucky gorgeous chocolate pit mix that they affectionately call Bubba was sprawled out on the guy's lap giving him kisses and wagging his tail. As I waited for the dog I was picking up, they reached out to me and asked me a few questions about the procedure at the shelter. I explained protocol to them and even had a shelter employee confirm. Bubba would be given 72 hours to find a place to go. If not claimed or rescued, he would be euthanized.

Long story short, they found this precious pup eating out of a dumpster. They tried to find his rightful owner (they showed me the flyers they had posted), rehome him on their own, speak to rescues, post on CL and even reach out to the Humane Society which would not take him since he was a stray. They explained to me they felt helpless and didnt know what to do. They didnt want to see him killed. They said all their friends kept saying just dump him back where he came from or let him go in the woods, sell him, etc. They just couldnt understand why we put down so many animals or why they were not able to get any help for this little angel of a pup.

The girl is 6 months pregnant and they could not have been more than 18 years old. I found it very humbling that these teenagers could not bear to leave this puppy that was not theirs when his fate was unknown. Time and time again we have all seen people dump their own pets for no good reason to die and they never look back. Here are 2 kids trying to do the right thing, very humbling in my opinion. They begged me for options which is why I am reaching out on their behalf as well as Bubba's. They are willing to hang on to him for approx. 2 months since she is due to give birth to their child in 3-this is more than most would do. They are children themselves. They have had him around other dogs and young children and they say he has had no issues. He let me approach him, look at his teeth and even pull on his ears. I personally will sponsor Bubba's vetting to any rescue/individual who can take Bubba in. Transport is available too. My hope is that these two teenagers will educate others their age after this experience. For Bubba's sake, please help me help them. I welcome any ideas and or suggestions and can be reached at if you or someone you know is able to help at all!!! Thank you, Melissa

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