Monday, February 27, 2012

Rescuers are all around, even in the most unlikely places

I just returned from a fabulous weekend visiting a cousin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The only thing wrong with the whole weekend was it was very cold and for this Florida native, cold is not what I am about.
In a shameless way, he is my cousin after all, I am going to post his business on here and just tell you if you would like to have a ride of a lifetime, visit Blue Ridge, Georgia, rent a cabin from my cousin and book a trip on his zipline or take a canopy tour. The link is here and you can find all the information about the area you need. Most of his cabins allow dogs (even pitbulls) and the story of the horse in a pasture by the business is what the blog is about today.
On Saturday, I visited the business with Chuck and met the woman who works in the rental side of the company and does general business stuff. Her name is Jess. I also met one of her five dogs, a little cattle dog named Bindi. We were talking about rescued animals and she asked me if I had seen the horse in the pasture next door to the business. The zipline runs over the top of the pasture. I told her I had and then she told me the story.
If seems she received a phone call about the horse being neglected and was asked if she would take it. Well, after speaking to her I knew her answer had been yes. I believe the only reason she doesn't have more animals is the edict from her significant other that five dogs was enough for now.
She took the horse, who was skinny, skinny, skinny and began trying to nurse it back to health. The veterinarian says the horse is about 28 years old, which is very old so she bought special old horse food and started it on the journey back.
In the meantime, people would see the horse in the pasture and stop in the business and yell at everyone who worked there for not taking care of the horse. They didn't know the story and one even called the Georgia agricultural people who oversee livestock to report on the condition of the horse. Jess finally posted the story and laminated on the fence, asking people not to feed the horse because that could be dangerous and they were working on improving his condition.
She still needs to get the vet out to float his teeth and he needs to have some farrier work done. The farrier is the problem she is running into. She can't find one to come out and help her with getting his feet back in shape. If you are reading this and live in the Blue Ridge, Chattanooga, Tennessee or Murphy, North Carolina area and know a good farrier who wouldn't mind working on a old horse especially a rescued one, please use the link above and contact Jess. You can also reach the business by calling 1-706-946-1010. Jess will get back to you if she is not in the office.
So you see, rescuers are all over. Even in the most unlikely places like a zipline/rental cabin business in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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