Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sampson only has a week to find a home, Orlando

Please send to everyone you know who might be able to help this cute guy find a good home... CONTACT JENNY AT:varvarigosj@hotmail.com OR CALL 407 620 7198

HI EVERYONE!! This is very near and dear to my heart! This dog is so sweet and such a kind soul - PLEASE help SAMPSON find a loving home.His family's current home is going into foreclosure and their extended family refused to take Sampson in. They have four kids and are trying to find a place to live and are being forced to find Sampson a home. He will surely be killed at any shelter he goes to due to his age!

HE IS A DOLL FACE WHO IS GREAT WITHKIDS (HAS GROWN UP WITH THEM). And he is a medium size dog!! From his current mom:Sampson is a 10 year old Shepard mix that has been part of a loving family since he was 8 weeks old. He weighs about 48lbsand is short haired. He loves kids and is extremely intelligent. He loves to play fetch with his tennis ball and frisbee, go on walks,and sleep on his doggie bed. While he prefers to be with people, he is okay with some other breeds. Sampson is up to datewith all his shots and vaccinations, and is neutered. Sampson is an inside dog and always wants to be with his family. This spunky mutt would make a loving, obedient, and dedicated member to any family or person willing to give him a good home. I AM BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTING THIS CUTIE! Please DON'T LET HIM DIE IN A SHELTER.This family has tried every avenue and has not been able to find a place for themselves or Sampson.They want to make sure he is safe. PLEASE HELP HIM!! If you cannot adopt, please FORWARD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!! He only has a week. Please let Sampson live out his life in happiness. Please. CONTACT JENNY AT:varvarigosj@hotmail.com OR CALL 407 620 7198

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