Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feral cat colony (13 cats) need a new place by March 4


I am in Hillsborough County and I have a colony of 13 cats that I desperately need to relocate. They are all spayed/neutered, ear-tipped and have their shots. This was a larger colony a year and a half ago and they were living happily in a neighborhood and fed every day. New neighbors moved in and for whatever reason decided they did not want the cats around. To make a long story short, these cats have had their food poisoned, they have been trapped, taken to the Carrollwood area and dumped, and now the remaining 13 are in danger of being trapped and taken to Animal Services and I will be cited for “my cats” roaming onto someone else’s property. There is a large fine associated with that citation. I have some connections at Animal Services, but not enough to make all of this go away and ensure the safety of these cats. Also, these neighbors have nothing better to do than to my make my life hell and I am tired of it.

I have a number of cats of my own and cannot take in any more. I have asked people and searched for a safe haven for these cats. No luck. I am okay with separating them, but they must at least go in pairs. Most of them are feral. They know me, but will run from anyone else. I wish I had a sanctuary. I wish people would understand that I have spent my money and my time trapping, neutering, and taking care of these cats because no one else would. No one cared. They were just allowed to propagate, forage for food in the neighborhood, and do the best they could. Now they don’t even look like strays (except for the tipped ear) because they are fat and healthy. They deserve a good life.

I have until this Sunday, March 4, to find somewhere for these cats to live. I am willing to trap them, transport them to their new home(s), and provide food and ongoing vet care as needed if I can just find places where they will be safe. I would even come and feed them every day if their new home is not too far away.

Can you please forward this email to anyone who might be able to help? Please have anyone interested contact me at tdejong@monin.com.

Thank you.

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