Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Delilah an Awesome FRISBEE DOG still needs home - Sarasota, F

Awesome Frisbee dog STILL NEEDS HOME:
She is stressing all day while owner at work. Needs home where there is activity and people around, as she hates to be alone. Kate ( owner) walks her at 6 am for 30 minutes, and has family come walk her at noon for 30 minutes, and kate takes her for hour walk at night. This Border collie X/Frisbee dog has broken out of her crate, and suffers separation anxiety when left alone. Owner must work, and has watched dog suffer. Vet has dog on calming meds, but owner HATE having to do this just because the dog needs to be active and with people.
Please pass to all Frisbee/ agility people.
Delilah is about 3 years old, I've had her for about 2 1/2 years now. She loves to run and be outside and sniff at everything! Frisbee is one of her favorite things, and she loves car rides. She does well in social situations as long as she's had a long walk before hand, and you keep her on a short leash. I've taken her to many festivals with live music and lots of people, and she does just fine there. As we talked about, she's an awesome dog, she just needs someone around almost all of the time and more space to run. Currently I have her on Reconcile (which is a medication for separation anxiety) and Comfortis for fleas. She's used to getting fed 1 cup three times a day of dry food (Wellness Chicken Formula). Just a warning- if there is a cat in the house she might try to eat the contents of the cat box. Delilah doesn't have a ton of experience around young children, but the few times she's been around them she has been very gentle and loving. Thunderstorms don't seem to bother her, but she is not a fan of fireworks. I've tried to get her to learn how to swim multiple times, but she wont have any part of it.

-She is a spayed female, approx 53 pounds
-She is house broken
-Knows basic commands (Sit, Wait, Paw, Leave it, OK, Let's Go)
-Walks well on a leash
-Gets along well with dogs around her size, and loves to run
-Can be possessive of certain toys
-She can be slightly food aggressive with other dogs, best to feed them in separate areas
-Doesn't mind indoor cats, occasionally will chase them but will not inflict any harm
-Does not like to swim!
-Loves kids, and most adults! She can be hesitant of taller men, but once she sniffs them she'll warm up

Contact KATE at 401-282-9972 or at kate @ kmchugh30@live.com

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