Disappointment with Westminster Dog Show

I watch the Westminster Dog Show each year. I love to see where my favorite breed, the Rottweiler, places in the working category. I also loved to see the new Pedigree commercials they always broadcast.
I guess because I am involved in animal rescue, I find myself very disappointed with the news Westminster was severing their relationship with Pedigree. Now, I don't buy their dog food but I do promote them due to the wonderful ads they have developed over the years for shelter dogs.
I have to believe the strides forward we have made in animal rescue in the last several years are what has impacted the buying of purebred dogs. I, for one, always promote adoption but follow that with a warning about buying puppy mill dogs. I always advise going to the AKC page and finding a reputable breeder if you simply must have a purebred dog.
There are always going to be people who must have purebred dogs. Normal, hardworking people, especially in this economy, will have a hard time purchasing a purebred from a reputable breeder, which means they will resort to buying puppy mill dogs.
I believe they are making a mistake and the dogs in animal rescue will suffer. If you disagree with their decision, drop them a line and let them know. You can check out the story here.
I mean, after all, it is only the shelter dogs who will suffer.They don't seem to matter to the big wigs at Westminster.


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