Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is adoptable? Agreeing to disagree

I used to watch Animal Planet all the time. My time now is spent on just a few shows because Hillbilly Handfishing is not what I am about.
The animal cop shows, Houston, Detroit, Miami and Phoenix all used to hold my attention. I believed they brought to the forefront, the huge problem with neglect and cruelty to make John Q. Public more aware.
I still think these shows do a good job in getting the message out. The problem I have is some of the disinformation they are also broadcasting.
Each shelter decides for itself which animals are worth saving and which are not. I believe, except in extreme cases like suffering due to illness, many of the animals destroyed can be saved.
I disagree with Detroit, because they destroy all the pit bulls they take in. I understand they have a problem with people fighting dogs in the city. but that is not the dogs' fault. Why should they be destroyed because of humans and the inability of the police to stop the dog fighting rings?
Then today, I was watching a repeat of Animal Cops Houston or actually listening while getting ready for work and I saw this old dog they had seized along with a young pup. The senior dog had grey in his muzzle and had obviously been neglected. The vet tech showed the camera how the dog's teeth were worn down in the front and then discussed how he was positive for heartworm. Then, to my disgust, she stated it was the end of the line for the old dog because of his teeth and positive heartworm test. WHAT?
So I glanced at my Buzz, who also has no front teeth and came into the HSSC high heartworm positive and thought again, how grateful I was Michal Vanderwoude and Rhys Miller were around then to save him.
They saw the great dog he is beyond his skinny frame, bad heart, toothless mouth and they made sure he had every advantage any other dog coming in had.
I have had him almost three years now, he is 10 years old and I couldn't ask for a more perfect dog.
I hope as young people continue to become involved with animals and veterans of the fight to preserve life, they will not use age or breed as a determination on whether the animal lives or dies. Had Buzz been picked up in Houston, it seems he would have reached the end of his life.

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