Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Adult Puggles (UTD/Neutered, dog/kid friendly) - Need a place by 2/23, Orlando

I am crossposting in hopes that these two puggle boys don't end up at the shelter. You can read about their plight below. Dogs are neutered, current on vacs, on preventatives, child/dog-friendly and well-loved (see how chubby they are in attached photos). Pug Rescue is trying to help owner who resides with the dogs in East Orlando. Transport assistance is available. Cody and Bailey must find rescue or new home by February 23. Thank you and please continue to crosspost.


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We were contacted on 02/09/12 about 2 puggles in need of a rescue in Orlando. Unfortunately, we already have 115 pugs/pug mixes in foster care right now, and 12 waiting to come in now. We do not have a foster home available at this time for these 2 sweet boys. The owner hates to give up her 2 puggles, but she's at the point, where she doesn't have much choice anymore. She has a 2.5 yr toddler and another baby due on 02/23/12 by C-section. Her fiance works 2 jobs and is gone 14 hours a day. So, in short, she is left to take care of the 2 puggles, a toddler, and a new baby on the way. She is having a C-section, and will not be able to walk them for weeks after that. The puggles stay behind a baby gate in the kitchen and are just not getting the attention they need. Owner said that she was having a difficult time giving them the vet care they needed also, but she did manage to take them Friday to a low cost clinic and get their vaccinations done, HW test, and get their nails trimmed. They are on HW meds and Flea meds. Eat Beneful. Owner says if she switches them to other foods, they tend to get diarreah. As you can tell from the pics, these 2 puggles could definately stand to shed some pounds. They are not on any special medications. Both puggles are Male. Codi is 6 yrs old, Bailey is 5 yrs old. Have been with this owner since they were puppies. Owner would love for them to be able to stay together since they've been together so long. Both neutered. Both housetrained. Both good with small kids and other dogs. Per owner, Codi gets along best with smaller dogs. She says bigger dogs intimidate Codi. Bailey gets along with all sizes of dogs.

Please let us know if any of you can help these 2 puggles and please CROSS POST to anyone you know. Ideally, owner needs to surrender before 02/23/12. See attached pic.

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