Monday, February 20, 2012

Wonderful, young Boxer/labrador mix still looking for a home

Sometimes, I wish I was old and retired or at least retired. Not that I mind working. I don't. I simply mind not being able to spend more time at the shelter. I have hunted and hunted for a job at a shelter since leaving the newspaper three and a half years ago, but have had no luck. I like my job now but in the process of changing my shifts to a more manageable one for me, I have lost several weekends volunteering. So once again I feel like I have let my dogs down. Not my personal dogs, mind you, my shelter dogs.
You see, shelter dogs don't have permanence so many have not learned to trust people after they were dumped somewhere. Once they begin to trust again, it is a shame to have to miss spending time with them because you know they are thinking, "Here we go again. Another human let me down and is never coming back." I don't want any of the dogs to feel that way. I can explain why I am not there to humans. Dogs are a little different.
This coming weekend will be no different. I will be out of town for a long weekend which has been planned since November. I will not return until next Monday so I will miss another weekend with the dogs.
This leads me to my plea: I have been working with a wonderful, young boxer mix named Sandler. Sandler is full of energy and would love to become someone's buddy. You see, due to his energy level Satchel's is the third shelter he has been in. I want to find him a home. He doesn't need to spend the rest of his life in a shelter setting. Like all shelter dogs, he needs a permanent, loving home.
He needs love and attention. He wants tennis balls thrown for him or a jogging partner. He wants someone who appreciates his energy level and will help him grow up to be an active partner.
Between his energy level, which is high and his color, which is black coupled with his size which is medium to large, he is having a problem finding just the perfect human for him.
So if you are looking for a new companion. One who could learn to go everywhere with you and be an active part of your life, please contact Satchel's Last Resort at or call 941-924-5070 and tell them Jean sent you. I would love to return to the shelter next weekend and find Sandler missing because he had found a forever home.

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