Saturday, February 18, 2012

The ability to work together for the good of the animals

One of the more positive aspects of the human species should be our ability to get along with others. We are, by nature, social creatures who should be able to work with others to gain the success of whatever project we are undertaking.
I believe one of the reasons we fail in our undertakings is the passion many of us bring to animal rescue does not allow us to see others who may believe in a different tact in achieving the same goal.
If our goal is truly to place homeless pets in forever homes, why do we fight among ourselves while trying to reach our objective?
As rescues and humane societies go, I see this on a weekly basis. I really observe this when reading articles about the big groups. I have disagreed with the HSUS and the ASPCA. This does not mean I don't support their efforts to find homes for unwanted pets. I just believe in some cases they do not accomplish this in the most humane way. I recall a dog which the ASPCA saved which was all over the news. She had been cruelly treated and I believe thrown out of a window. Unfortunately, even though several rescue groups approached the ASPCA to take this dog, she was euthanized due to behavior issues. They sure didn't send the money back to those who donated for her care.
PETA has never been a group I have supported and believe they do more harm than good for the animals. They euthanize 97% of the animals which come in the one shelter they actually operate and do not believe pitbulls are worthy of saving. Yet they have such a fabulous PR machine, they continue to rake in the donations. I believe the local groups would be better served if this money was put in their coffers and more animals would find homes. The millions of dollars would have more of an impact in local economies and the animals and humans they serve. Animals then would not have to be euthanized due to lack of space or supplies.
This doesn't mean I would shut them down. I would simply try to educate others of what their goals are. Staying mad at national groups does not help the animals I deal with locally.
So my suggestion is to try and work with all the groups. If you become angry, walk away for a while. (I know this is easier said than done) Don't speak disparagingly of these groups but do contact their administration when you disagree with a decision they have made. It may change the life of another animal down the line.
We must continue to try and work together and not allow petty disagreements to cause breaks in the goals we are all working towards. This cooperation could end the senseless euthanasia of adoptable pets sooner than we think.

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