Saturday, February 18, 2012

Newsworthy animal stories aren't showing up

One of the interests I have, being a former newspaper person, is scanning the headlines from all the news organizations to find good stories to link to on this blog. I always have an opinion, but most read the blog for the other items I post, not what I think.
The past few weeks, this search has yielded very few new headlines. In some ways I hope this is a good thing. In my other thoughts I wonder if we are successfully combating the problems or these are simply not making it in the headlines.
Unfortunately, unless it is a horrific story, "237 dogs found in disgusting conditions" or "Dog mauls woman and child before being shot by police" it is not going to be in the news. Good news does not sell newspapers. People cry and yell about wanting good news, but then won't buy the paper unless the headlines are screaming out at them.
I saw a story last week where two "pit bull type" dogs had "attacked" a person and both dogs were set to be euthanized. From the pictures I could see, neither one of these dogs was a pit bull. They looked suspiciously like labrador/rottweiler mixes, but pitbull fits in a headline easier and more people believe they are attack/vicious dogs. Labradors of course, would never bite a human.
Sensationalism sells. It is that simple. Closing down a puppy mill or backyard breeder is not cause for cheering among the general public. It is not they don't care, but they do not see the validity in caring. they are much more concerned with daily living and providing for their own. It is an understandable emotion.
So, hopefully this is not a case of news organizations simply not having enough stories to sensationalize. Maybe we are beginning to make a difference.

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