Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soldier's dog NEEDS RESCUE, Jacksonville, FL

I was there when he brought Hershey in, a huge folder of his vet info-neutered, all shots, loves kids dogs etc and the guy was so upset because he had an appt with the Humane Society but he lived in the wrong county so they wouldn't take him. I saw how upset he was (my son is in the AF) and mentioned his situation to some would-be adopters who agreed to take him. I left feeling awesome that he would know his dog was not left behind in a kill shelter. The AF owner was deploying to Afghanistan.

Except some how they changed their mind and today, a week later, I saw this sweet dog, approaching me slowly with the most saddest look on his face like Do YOU know where my Daddy is? What did I do? Am I a BAD dog? Why did he leave me? HEARTBREAKING!!!!!

PLease if you can help this sweet dog to find his FUREVER home!!

Contact if you can help.. CCAC rescue

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