Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Young Canaan Dog mix who loves people, other dogs and cats would very much like a home, Tampa, FL

Kira wandered onto my property about a week ago. She is beautiful and has a great temperament. We don't know what she is but she does resemble a Caanan Dog.  She was not microchipped, not registered as lost and nobody has come forward to claim her. She is estimated to be 1.5 to 2 years old and is 50 pounds (though she should gain some as she is on the skinny side right now). I'm not sure of her past as she was just a stray, but I had her spayed and vaccinated this past Friday, so she is all UTD on that. Unfortunately, she also tested positive for heart-worms. As I am sure you know, there is a shortage of immiticide, so she is currently undergoing the slow kill (doxycycline/ivermectin) version of the treatment. Other than the heart-worms she was given a clean bill of health and deemed a really great dog.

She is friendly towards all people, greeting them as if she has  known them her whole life. She plays with toys and really enjoys just being with people. She loves everyone but seems particularly fond of men. She doesn't seem to have basic training (ie. sit, stay etc..) but she knows how to walk on a leash, has no problem being bathed and does respond to "no." She loves to play with our large ridgeback mix and seems fine with our cairn and cats, though our cairn would rather avoid her. We haven't let her around the birds, so I'm not sure about that. She shows no signs of aggression or of being abused. If you sit down anywhere (especially the car) she spends most of her time trying to crawl into your lap.
Because we already have so many animals we haven't been letting her into the house. We have a decent sized property and a shaded and covered area for her to be protected from the elements, but she is so darn sweet that it would be great for her to go somewhere where she can go inside sometimes. We are located in Tampa (area code 33610) but are willing to get her to wherever she needs to go to eventually find her forever home.
This sweet girl deserves a loving home. I have attached 4 photos of Kira (we gave her a temporary name) to this email.

If you feel you can't financially adopt but would like to help, could you foster?  We will pay her expenses including the heart worm treatment.

Grace Behnke

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