Wish list for Satchel's Last Resort

Satchel's Last Resort needs things. They are struggling right now to keep the rescue/sanctuary going and being a true no-kill, no one is going to lose their life because they don't get them. What will happen is they will not be able to save any more of the at-risk dogs which we all know exist in every area of the country.
As is true with all rescues, the economy has hit Satchel's hard. Being that we take in the dogs no one else wants, the ones with issues in some cases, the dogs spend a little more time with us working on training and behavior adjustment. We take puppies and moms when overcrowding at the county happens. We take from other rescues who may be having a difficult time with an animal. These dogs mean the world to us but we understand we only have so much available kennel space and money to keep these kennels full.
Please look at this list and if you can provide anything on it to Satchel's Last Resort we, and the dogs, would be forever grateful.
No matter how big or small, monetary donations can be submitted using the link above. Checks can be sent to 8101 Coash Road, Sarasota, Fl 34241.
If you are in the area, the following items can be dropped off or I can swing by and pick them up at your convenience:
Dog Treats: Hard biscuits ex: Milk Bones, Soft Treats: ex: Puperoni
Cat Treats: Whiskas Temptations or Friskies Party Mix
Dry Cat Food: Friskies
Canned cat food: Friskies Pate
World's Best Cat Litter: Lavender

Laundry detergent: Dry or liquid-HE (high efficiency) any brand
Contractor trash bags - Black 42 gallon 3ML thick
Kuranda pet beds for dogs and cats (link on website)
Rubber backed carpet runners for old dogs to get up and stand on
Dogs Hard Chews: example Kongs, Deer antlers, bully sticks.

Thanks for all you do. We appreciate it.


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