Day in and day out, we keep trying

Today is my day to visit the dogs. I will take some walks, play some catch, do some back scratching and a little sly obedience training for treats. I will see over 70 dogs and will be able to get to 5 or 6 if I am lucky before other tasks call me away from the rescue.
I will start with Sandler, my beautiful boxador (labrador/boxer mix), move on to Benson, a purebred, Rottweiler and then get Autumn, a greyhound/whippet mix in the yards. I might get Zorro, the gentleman dog out, walk the kennels and hand out treats and then try to work on two or three more.
Satchel's Last Resort is where I am most Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, it is where the above mentioned dogs spend all their time. You see they are homeless.
If you have to be a homeless pet in Sarasota, Satchel's is the place to be. We don't euthanize for space or anything else for that matter. Animals can stay with us until it is their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. But many of our dogs need a home. Until that time, they needs other things.
Right now we need money. Money for the small staff. Money for dog treats. Money to offset the huge vet bills we incur because our animals are never killed for medical reasons. I don't ask often. I contribute what I can and volunteer my time.
There are no huge public service announcements asking you to send money. We don't, unfortunately, have a well known singer or actor helping us. (although if there is one out there in cyberspace reading this, we would love to have you come visit and help us out)
We know the small donations add up. We need them although huge donations are greatly appreciated. So if you can't come visit us and adopt a new furry friend, please consider making a small, monetary donation. All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501(c)3. You can send checks to 8101 Coash Road, Sarasota, FL 34231 or check out our website here at and send us a donation through our Paypal account.
If you live in the area, we would love to have more dog and/or cat treats. Bleach and HE laundry detergent are always appreciated because we always have laundry and treat inspired dogs and cats. I will even take it out there for you so you don't have to use your gas.
So if you can forego Starbucks for a week or drink a few less soft drinks, and send that money our way, we sure would appreciate it. The animals say thank you and so do we.


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