Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day presents: donations to a rescue

This is the first Mother's Day I am without my Mom. She always got a card and flowers or plants from me. I always asked what she wanted and she always said flowers. She loved fresh cut flowers and only received them on holidays.
This year, I was expecting the same from my son, Jeremy. I often wonder if I instilled in him the qualities my Mom instilled in me. The whole concept of giving back to those less fortunate was one thing I will always attribute to having the mother I had.
Imagine my surprise when my phone rang a day early and Jeremy was on the other end. "Hi Mom" he said. "I was just thinking about what you might want for Mother's Day and thought I would call and ask." Jeremy understands my disdain for "stuff". You know, dust catchers with cute little mom sayings on them which I feel clutter up my house and give me more housework. I am all about useful presents. Before I could get anything out my mouth, he said, "I thought you might like for Emily and me to pick up some donations for Satchel's and donate them in your name for Mother's Day."
To say I was shocked he would even think of something like that would be an understatement. When I recovered I said I thought that would be wonderful. He said they would be over later with some donations.
Imagine my surprise when they arrived with loads of things. Boxes of dog treats, toys, chews, bleach and laundry detergent. All those things I have been asking people to donate. Things which don't cost a lot of money but mean the world to a shelter.
I believe he has absorbed some of what I have been trying to teach him since he was a little boy. Things my mother taught me. Although I wondered at times while he was growing up if I would ever be able to get him raised, he has grown up.
If I had doubts before, after yesterday I realize he is a wonderful, caring young man and I love him very much. Thank you Jeremy. You made my day and helped lots of dogs have a better tomorrow.

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