Sarasota, FL~URGENT~Needs Foster/Rescue By Sat, 5/12

Harold is currently in the Sarasota area who's foster just changed her mind! that's it! COmmitted then uncommitted! gave us to Saturday to get him! please harold is a HEART TUGGER and is all vetted, healthy, fixed and friendly with ALL! we need help from a foster or rescue IMMEDIATELY pls!!!! Here is what we DO know of sweet Harold - he is STUNNING and very athletic!! 
Please email ME and Carolyn at and!!! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Crosspost on FB and to all your friends! 

HAROLD IS PAYING FOR another's lack of commitment and caring!

 Just from what I witnessed when I temperament tested him myself: He's very easy-going. You can do pretty much anything to him (including sticking your hand and fingers in his mouth, pulling on his tail, poking at his paws, pulling at his ears) and he doesn't react. He walks well on a leash. He can sit, give paw and lie down on command (probably knows more commands too). He enjoys treats. He sits nicely and waits patiently for a ball to be thrown when you're playing fetch. He LOVES to play fetch and he is super athletic. He had no reaction to other dogs in kennels when he walked by them and wasn't even interested in them (he was more interested in me, the handler). When he's excited, he jumps up on people, but that's an EASY habit to break. Basically, he's just a big, happy goofball who wants to please people.


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