Rottweiler needs home with experienced owner

I met Benson 3 years ago when he was a young, pushy Rottweiler who had been passed from rescue to rescue and finally ended up back with us.
He had been adopted out to a family because the Dad wanted a rotti but the Mom had no dog experience. As is the case in so many of these adoptions, Mom became scared of Benson because she had never been around dogs and Dad returned him to his previous rescue.
I have worked with Benson and if I did not have two dogs now, I would bring him home.
Benson has grown into a beautiful, smart, trained dog who would do well in a home with no children and an experienced owner. Because of his size and breed, we must be very picky about who adopts him.
Benson is confident and pushy. He "talks" deep in his throat which many uneducated people believe is a growl. He will push you around if he thinks he can get away with it and he will know within minutes if that is true. He is that smart. He also smiles when he is happy and loves to have his ruff and butt scratched.
In a home situation he would become, in typical rotti form, a lap dog if you would allow it. He also LOVES treats and his new home would have to guard against overfeeding him. He would be a protective dog for a new family so they would need to keep him walked and socialized to prevent this trait from becoming too strong.
Benson is located at Satchel's Last Resort and if you are that owner, please contact them. He doesn't deserve to live his life in a kennel, but in a home with people who love him.


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