Atlanta, GA - Diamond, a year old Vizsla mix needs a home (so do her remaining puppies)

This sweet girl only wants to love and be loved. She is a devoted companion, but her family cannot care for her. Her owners have agreed to let her go if we can find an awesome home for her. She has spent most of her life tied up outside. Despite only being a year old, she has had 2 litters of 11 puppies. She has finally been spayed and she deserves to be a family pet. We want her to be happy and loved for the rest of her life. 

A teen was keeping Diamond, her 11 puppies that were only 2 weeks old, and the father dog, Uno, in an abandoned house (photo attached). Atlanta Bully Rescue agreed to temporarily take in mom and the pups while the family looked for a home that would allow dogs. The deal was they all had to be spayed/neutered before being returned to the family. Uno was neutered as well and a local nonprofit will be building a fence for him on the 16th (if you would like to volunteer at the fence build in Atlanta or contribute, please let us know and we will get you in touch with the organization). The teen has since been interning with us and at the last minute decided he wanted the puppies to be adopted out through Atlanta Bully Rescue. They took Diamond back, but they still haven't found a home to move to and it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon, so Diamond is living in their family member's backyard.

After caring for Diamond for almost 2 months, it's devastating to know she is being kept this way. She is the sweetest, most affectionate dog. She loves everybody and just wants to be by your side. She is house and crate trained. She gets along with male dogs, but we haven't tested her with female dogs. She wants to chase cats. She has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. She looks like a Vizsla/APBT mix. She's about a year old and weighs 40 lbs. 

Please help us spread the word about her by forwarding this email, so we can find her a home ASAP. If anyone is interested in adopting Diamond or one of her puppies, please email for an application. You can also share her photo on our Facebook pg:

It has been very costly caring for Diamond and her 11 pups. Seven of the puppies are still in foster homes up for adoption, if you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards their care, you can do so here:
We have a fundraiser coming up on June 24th, Carni-Bull:

We are also always trying to get the word out about Sadie who has been up for adoption for 2 years:


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