Miami, FL - Great Dane mix at Miami Dade A/S

Subject: FLORIDA: A1435152 BOOBOO Great Dane mix at Miami Dade, dragged behind a bicycle until his pads were shredded, Miami FL

My friend who does independent rescue in the area was contacted by the woman who said she saw the dog being dragged by a guy on a bicycle and she followed him and asked him what he was doing. He told her that he had to go to work in the Keys and he was going to leave the dog at this abandoned house and someone was going to come feed him. He proceeded to tie him at the house. No one came to bring him anything and the woman brought him in. But my friend also went out and met him at the abandoned house and said he is the sweetest boy, very loving. He is about 5 yo.

A1435152 -  BOOBOO Great Dane mix


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