Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breed bans on military bases

When the military began banning breeds of dogs on their bases I wrote about it. Of course, that was as far as it went. I write about a lot of dog and cat issues and can't seem to get anyone else on board until someone in a major animal organization has a "moment" and then it becomes the cause of the week.
I speak from the heart because I am an Army brat, the daughter of a veteran who served for 20 years, including Vietnam and lost his battle with Agent Orange related cancer way too young. I grew up on military bases. I know about inspections and too many holes filled in with toothpaste before moving. I know about families with lots of kids and pets. I was a part of one of those families.
Our veterans and their families suffer hardships civilians cannot begin to understand. Even with the many indignities they are put through year after year, they keep pretty quiet. My Dad would tell you he signed on the dotted line and that was that.
Had the military at the time told my Dad he couldn't have a dog because of a breed, he would have probably not re-enlisted and that would have been the end. The military, not one time in the history of my living on an army base, ever told anyone they couldn't have a dog. There were German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Boxers, Huskies, and hundreds of mixes. They all ran around with us kids, played ball, dug in the sandbox and played with each other. Should one become aggressive in any way, the dog was sent somewhere. It was not allowed, period. We, as kids, knew not to get into trouble, which included the dogs, because our dads could lose stripes over our deeds.
Now Best Friends has taken up the cause of allowing service families to keep their pets, regardless of the breed. Thank God someone is going to be the voice of reason.
So please use the links below and contact President Obama and your state representatives. These men and women and their families deserve to have and own any pet they like, period.

Please click here to take action by contacting President Obama:

Please click here to take action by contacting your representative and senator:

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