Sarasota, FL- I ALMOST found a home

Look into that face. Just look there and tell me Sandler should stay in a kennel the rest of his life. If you can do that you probably shouldn't be reading things about rescued animals.
Sandler greeted me today by barking at me. I arrived at the shelter a little early and he had to wait for me to take him out his kennel. So he barked at me. He was anxious to be taken in the play yards. He wanted to burn off all his energy, chase tennis balls, go through his obedience routine and get loved on by a human.
Because it is now summer he also got to splash in the pool and get his feet muddy. He was allowed to just be a dog in a yard with a human for a while.
Sandler almost got adopted. Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and government work. The potential adopter thought he was a great dog until he he started digging. He didn't start the hole but just dug a little deeper. The potential specifically didn't want a dog who dug. Sandler lost out because of that.
Most dogs did because they are hunting for moles and such underground or they are bored. As long as you keep them busy, they don't dig.
So Sandler is back in his kennel watching and waiting for his person to come. I had hopes on the last one. Maybe the next time will be the right time. Keep your fingers crossed.
If you would like more information about Sandler, please contact  Satchel's at or call Iris at 356-4330. Sandler should not live his whole life in a kennel. He just shouldn't.


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