Sarasota, FL - Please help Phoebe, Bully/Pointer mix,

Please help us find Phoebe a home.  Her best friend in the world, Landen, is allergic to her dander.  The family have tried everything in the book to deal with this but nothing helps and now Phoebe has to move out.

Satchel's Last Resort has her courtesy listed but unfortunately they can't take her in due to lack of space and financial restraints.  So please help us find Phoebe home a home/foster or if you are a shelter, could you make space for this wonderful dog?

All the Best,

 Phoebe is a wonderful dog that does great with large dogs, but she does not do well with cats or small dogs.  She would be best placed in a home where she is the only pet or with a person/family that has only 1 LARGE dog.  Can you help us?  I've attached her information along with some pictures.  Even if we can find a temporary foster home that would be very helpful as well.  Again, we are desperate for help at this point.  We appreciate it.  This is a very difficult task that we have tried to face in the past, but we now know it's time as my son continues to get sick.  Please let me know what I need to do next. 
Thank you,
Heather Rivero
941-526-6940 (day phone)


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