Tampa, FL - Adorable Young stray blind 16 lbs Spaniel/Poodle

Please read below about Ritzy.  Ritzy's owner is completely overwhelmed and emailed late last night thatshe will "likely" be having him pts this afternoon (Thursday).  She has many things going on and is at the end of her rope....

I found this dog about 8 weeks ago - lost, mostly blind, wounded (punctures, some abscessed, looked like dog attack from 2 different times?), pooping tapeworms (but no fleas at that time), bad ear infections (vet said rod bacteria, paid $35 for Posatex for ears!),motor oil had been applied for the demodex - ugh! Poor, poor boy!
 Anyway, no one seems to be able to take him off my hands, and he needs to go somewhere! He has been helped and is healing, but due to time and $$ constraints, I cannot continue to give him what he needs, plus I have company coming soon and will be boarding my own dog, but not him (he hasn't even had shots at this time as far as I can guess). I believe I have spent between $500-600 already, and now would like to get him a recheck and the daily Ivermectin for the demodex (I have done holistic health so far, plus he was on antibiotics for abscesses, had to be detaped - I wanted his body and immune system have a chance to heal before hitting him with the Ivermectin. He is MUCH much better (bled and was pussy for almost 3 weeks!!!!), but still has evidence of demodex, although I suspect it is far less due to all the hair growth I see. However, I am delaying getting this for him due to $$ - it is rent time and I am short of funds due to spending for this boy! Very difficult, and my vet is very good to me and is not high priced. So he is waiting a little bit for the demodex treatment.
 I am a groomer so have been able to keep him clean (bath and fluffs 1-2X per week) and use various shampoos that helped him. Now he basically gets a normal shampoo.
 Still needs some healing and health, but is ready to be LOVED and be someone's best buddy!! He is calm, quiet, easy-going, gentle, mild-mannered - LOVELY. He could be easily scared (mostly due to vision impairment), and always wants to be a good boy. He adapted his play style to suit my smaller dog - just terrific boy! And he is not even neutered yet!
 Anyway, I hope you can help - he is unique and cute, and could easily be taught tricks. He is light on his feet, could 'dance' and do unusual moves - really could be a delightful dog. Soft mouth when holding toys, does not argue when you take them - even found a chicken bone on a walk a couple of times and I just took it out of his mouth. This is a REALLY agreeable dog.
 Hope we can find a wonderful home for him.


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