Sarasota County has many other deserving dogs

By now everyone in this area has heard about the puppy mill bust. It was a puppy mill and everyone can say what they want about hoarding, but check out the video of the wire cages in the backyard and that will leave no doubt in your mind. Rescue groups have stepped up to help for which I am grateful, but please don't forget the other deserving shelter animals who have been waiting patiently for a loving, forever home.
Some of these animals are not small, not what most would consider cute and cuddly, but they are just as deserving.
Anytime one of these abuse cases is in the limelight, adopters step up by the hundreds to adopt these small, fluffy, bred dogs. I am glad these dogs will find homes but worry about the others who are not so small and fluffy.
Of course, they come with papers. Adoption papers and many of them have been waiting for a very long time.
Satchel's Last Resort is where I volunteer. They get my time and my donations. They are a true no-kill sanctuary where animals who have been passed over time and time again at other agencies, have a chance at Satchel's. They are also in no danger there. This does not mean we don't want them to find a home. It means they will not run out of time.
Sandler, who is pictured up top is one of the great dogs we have at Satchel's. He is a boxer/labrador mix who is a sweetheart.
I spent some quality time with him yesterday and he has continued to develop into a dog anyone should be proud to have in their home.
He ALMOST found a home a week or so ago. Unfortunately, one of the qualities the gentleman was looking for was a dog who would not dig holes and Sandler loves to dig. Otherwise, the guy really liked him, He liked his energy and his smarts. So now his secret is out. Sandler likes to dig holes.
He is a great dog but only you can make that decision. If you think he might fit well into your home, please contact Satchel's Last Resort and ask about Sandler. If you keep him busy, he may not try to dig to China.


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