Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sarasota, FL - Another beautiful dog needs a home

This dog is in a situation where the person who gave a needed paw up is now
overwhelmed with the situation and in a sticky situation with her own dogs
as a result of helping a dog in need. If there is anyone willing to even
foster this dog it would be helpful. Contact information is below. 

A friend from work found a dog a while ago that needed help. She is a single
mom with  a special needs 6 year old boy, a full time job and already has 2
dogs at home. One of her own dogs is very dog aggressive. She has managed
with this problem so far  but is afraid this 3rd dog will make things worse.
SHe needs to get this stray out of her house ASAP but wll not take him into
a kill shelter because he is such a nice dog.. She has contacted rescue
groups with no luck. I told her I would send you the info since your dog
network always comes thru to save yet one more doggie out there.

This is what I know about him: He is great with kids, good with cats and
nice dogs, very submissive actually. Pretty close to housebroken, but I
still have to watch him pretty close, overall very well mannered in the
house and on leash. Was pretty beat up, but is healing up well. The rescues
I've contacted have not been very helpful so far because they are full, so I
appreciate any help you can give! Thanks! Ivy   



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