Trying to save a stunning, 4 year old male Rottweiler, Naples, FL

Sharing w/ you a stunning Rottie currently at Collier County DAS who is my latest hail mary pass rescue dog I am trying to save & time is of the essence, of course.

I just posted on Fb and am attaching a few photos w/ history in case you know of anyone who can help.

I've asked Gulfstream Guardian Angel Rotties Rescue to pull him, but it's on "paper only" as I do not want  him go to their kennels.  He won't do well there since they are lucky if they get walked once daily due to shortage of volunteers/funds.
So THOR has been pulled using their "name only" and they are sharing his info w/ their contacts to help find a foster home quickly.
Nothing yet though.

He has a walnut sized growth on his neck and DAS has been agreeable to let me take him off site to an Oncologist to have it analyzed yesterday.
It needs to be removed and I am paying for all vetting $$$ and can help w/ transportation.
I am desperately looking for a foster home who will be able to take THOR prior to having surgery done, if you know what I mean.

THOR is approx 4 yrs old
Will be neutered, HW Neg, current on vacc, microchipped
Excellent health other than the small lump on his neck
Strong, muscular, excellent lines, beautiful coat, sparkling white teeth
Needs help on a leash
Knows sit, laydown, and of course, the  Rottie handshake is his best trick and he is willing to please
He is not doing well in a kennel & needs out ASAP
He seems to get along w/ other dogs, but is not submissive

Attached are a few pics if you wouldn't mind sharing to your Rottweiler Lovers I sure would appreciate it.
Feel free to give out all of my contact info.
I've spoken to Tammy, you know how full they are, so the sooner I can get him out the better.

Thank you as always if you can help network his info  :)



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