Volunteers desperately needed to walk dogs at Animal Services (canned food for kittens also needed)

For the dogs at Sarasota County Animal Services, the only bright spot in their day is a walk. There is not enough staff to walk these poor guys as often as needed. If anyone is looking for some nice exercise and making some dogs very happy, please contact SCAS. The dogs are in cages ALL day and need you to help make there lives tolerable.

Sarasota Animal Services
8451 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota Phone: 861-9500

Also, there are a few foster people that need canned kitten food for small kittens that seem to get sick on Science Diet kitten food, the only brand that SCAS can provide. If you, or someone you know, cannot be "hands on" but want to help these orphans by donating or helping with the cost of food, please contact me, Karen Ankerstar.

If you cannot help with either issue, please pass this message on to people that may be able to.
Thank you, and the animals without a home thank you.

Karen Ankerstar


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