Wanted: New family for mature dog

Although I write about my special friends at Satchel's Last Resort with frequency, they tend to be younger than five and more oriented for people who are not looking to adopt a senior animal.
My heart lies with our senior pets. You know the ones. They have been discarded by their previous family for numerous reasons and are left to fend as best they can.
The lucky ones end up at Satchel's, where they can live out their lives with no threat of death. Unfortunately, many of them stay the rest of their lives because so many people do not want a more mature animal.
I love my seniors. I cannot imagine my life without the seniors I have adopted in the last six years. From Gypsy, my old black and tan coonhound who was 13 when I adopted her and lived for 1.5 years with me in comfort for her old age, to the two I am now Mom to. Betty is 7 and Buzz is 10. They were both discarded and on a euthanasia list when they were saved. Now they live in my house in as much comfort as I can give them.
Zorro comes pretty close to being a perfect dog. He is older (6 years) and ended up with us because he was spotted at Animal Services after his owner suffered a stroke. He is a happy-go-lucky dog who loves people and other dogs and would fit in well with just about anyone.
He is a beautiful gold and black brindle and is soft to the touch. He does have a little grey in his muzzle but it makes him look wise. He loves to be touched and give kisses but is just as happy to lay on the couch and watch TV with you. He will fit into any lifestyle and enjoys whatever you want to do. He is a Plott hound mix and would love to have a family again. He has been taken to many adoption events, is always the perfect gentleman, but is still waiting for someone to see him as their new family member.
If you are looking for a more mature, perfect gentleman to be your next family member, please consider visiting Zorro. He will take your heart away.


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