Gainesville, FL -Sadie, Jack Russell, Still needs rescue at Alachua County Animal Services

Good evening. We have a Jack Russell at Alachua County Animal Services, Gainesville, FL needing rescue. Here is Sadie’s story.

Just spoke with person surrendering Sadie to the shelter. The person obtained the dog originally from a house guest a little over a year ago. Because the woman is wheelchair bound, she found Sadie a home a week later with a family she thought would take care of her. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case. The original owner said the last owner complained of Sadie getting into the trash and soiling in house. The original owner, on the other hand, said Sadie never bothered the trash and, because she was walked three times a day, never soiled in the house. Sadie was said to be neglected  by last owner and returned with skin issues. Original owner said Sadie could be allergic to red dye. She said when she stopped foods containing red dye—and giving her Benadryl—her skin seemed to get better. The original person said Sadie –when with her—was well-behaved. Was not afraid of her wheelchair or oxygen machine. Sadie would curl up with her on the couch and sleep with her. Original owner did say that Sadie doesn’t like cats. I observed Sadie to initially ignore the cats in the cat room, but later start growling at them. She barks and growls at some dogs at the shelter, but ignores others. The original owner said Sadie got along with child of person who returned dog to her. Original owner says Sadie  just needs to be loved…a stable home. I sat on the floor with her and told her to sit. She did. When she noticed I had a treat in my hand, she sat up and begged (photo attached). Please let us know if you can take her into your program. She truly is a people dog. If not rescued soon, she will be placed on next week’s Euth list. Time is of the essence.
 Susan Clontz
Senior Office Assistant
Alachua County Animal Services


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