Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sandler, the boxador is still looking for his home

Walking the dogs on Saturday morning allows me to develop a relationship with many dogs. Sandler, of course, is one of my special boys and I cannot go in the kennels at Satchel's Last Resort without hearing him bark at me to come and take him out of his crate to go for a walk or have play time in the yard.
Sandler, as you know, is a beautiful, energetic Boxer/Labrador mix who is full of boundless energy and he needs a forever home.
Sandler would not fit in just any home and his new family will need to want an active dog who loves to play and run. He would not be content to sit on a couch and watch TV with you unless you had already taken him for a marathon run or a trip on the boat.
He has also, in the time he has been with us, developed into a loving dog who will lean up against you for some hugs and belly rubs. He has learned to trust again.
When Sandler first came to us he was incorrigible. His attention span was that of a gnat and he would drag you down the road on a walk while totally ignoring anything you tried to make him do.
He is so much more than that now. He tries hard to listen but is still a youngster and will try to get away with most everything.
If you love the energy of boxers and Labradors, want a young dog who could be everything you would like your canine companion to be, please consider asking about Sandler. None of the dogs deserve to live their lives in a permanent kennel and Sandler falls in that category. He is in no danger, but by adopting him, you would also free up a kennel for another dog who is in danger.

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