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Adoptions 5/30-6/4
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News & Events

·        The next Community Cat Food Bank is Sunday, June 24th from 12-3PM. To keep the food pantry stocked, unopened bags of cat food (any brand) and Friskies brand canned cat food donations can be dropped off by Saturday, June 23rd.   

·        Reminder, Leash Walking workshop this Saturday, June 9th at 1PM. Meet at the Adoptions Desk.

·        Are you a coupon cutter? Clip and Save Friskies canned cat food and Tidy Cat litter coupons to donate to Cat Depot! And volunteer Maryann reminds us that you can call 1-800-7-PURINA (778-7462) to have pet food coupons mailed to you, then donate them to Cat Depot. (Purina makes Friskies.)

·        Help needed with mailing project! You know what they say about idle hands…well, keep them busy by helping us prepare a direct mailing piece to help raise funds for the cats! Volunteers are needed to mark donation envelopes (9,000 total) to be used in the mailing. See Tim or Corey anytime in the next week to get started. Boxes of envelopes can be taken home to work on.

·        Laser light toys are available in our gift shop for only $3.50! Laser toys are a great tool to stimulate the cats both physically and mentally. Consider picking one up the next time you are in!
Corey Roscoe
Volunteer and Education Coordinator
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