Positive press for pets should be accurate

I love to read stories about animals who are in the news. Positive press for pets is the best news shelter animals can have.
I don't like misleading or incorrect headlines to try and draw people in to the story. I take exception to these much like I do the mislabeling of dogs when the stories are bad.
Dogs, contrary to what we dog-lovers want to believe, do not have the ability to think quickly. Humans have that ability, but dogs are not human and do not have the same capabilities we have.
I love the fact this dog in the story, Savannah, was credited with saving her owners' lives, but it was not due to quick-thinking.
Where are the editors at the Associated Press? A good copy editor would have questioned this headline and the lead. I like Bay News 9's story much better. They did not use quick-thinking in their headline or story and the story is much more detailed with facts.
You can check out the AP version here.
You can check out the Bay News 9 version here.
Where on earth are journalists being schooled at?


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