Monday, June 11, 2012

Helping Fagin (Jackson) find a home

I am online all the time posting animals who need homes. When people ask why I want them to post and cross post photos of these homeless animals, I tell them it is because you simply never know who might see a photo and fall in love. Sometimes this happens from out in left field, but it does happen.
A very good friend from rescue world lost one of her pack several weeks ago. He was a big German Shepherd who was rescued from certain death due to the continued return of him to the shelter. When Kerry and David Koppin adopted him, he lived with 4 other dogs and several cats and became part of their pack.
After his death, Kerry was cruising through Facebook and saw a photo I had posted of another Shepherd who reminded her of Adam. This reminded her of the pack she has now, which only has one large dog left, Duffy. Kerry will tell you she has always been a large dog person and because Duffy is her senior old man, she felt her pack would not be complete without another large dog. Her wonderful husband made arrangements for Jackson without telling Kerry until their anniversary last week.
When Kerry was telling me how she came to decide on Jackson, she invited me to come along for the meeting. I have a special affinity for Florida Brown Dogs and Jackson looked so much like a combination of my Betty and Buzz, I could not resist.
He is the cutest pup I have seen in a while. He is also a puppy, so everyone loves him which is why puppies are so cute. He is acclimating to Kerry and David's pack and I am sure that once he grows up, he will be the big dog Kerry was looking for.
So when we post animals and ask our friends to share, please forward on to your list of friends. You never know what kind of impact one photo may have on a person. In this case, a new little FBD got a home. It changed his life. That is all we can do. Change one life at a time.

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