Chipley, FL - Honeybun is just a puppy and on the euthanasia list

Animal Control of West Florida
Chipley FL
This is a privately run shelter.  Two counties pay for this service.  $8 a day per animal for 5 days.  After that, the animals can be put down.  If they live more than 5 days the owner is losing money.  Donations can be made so the animals can live longer until a rescue can be arranged.

If you can rescue, you pull for free.  You can call Belva at 850-260-6781 or email Sue Bruce at  Sue is also the transport coordinator which is on SATURDAYS only unless you can arrange something else on your own.  Belva works only part time from 8 am til 1 pm.  Everyone else associated with saving these animals are volunteers.

Transportation is on Saturdays.

The animals are on facebook- Friends of Chipley Animals- and on petfinder.

Thank you for all you do to help us save these animals.

I am driving this Saturday so spending a lot on gas, but I will give $50 to the rescue who takes Honeybun this week/weekend.  My two fosters backed out.  I live in a condo and can't think of how to take care of her in this space.

Thank you for what you do as quite a few are getting out this week.  The shelter is so overcrowded that still 15 or more may be PTS.


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