Thursday, June 21, 2012

Davie FL: Rocky,loving, neutered Boxer/Am. Bulldog in need of a home

1.    Hi. Can you please help me? I'm very aware of how difficult what I'm asking is to do, and I'm so sorry to even be in this position to have to.

My friend's daughter and her boyfriend own an amazingly lovely, wonderful sweet Boxer-American Bulldog mix. They are heartbroken, but they need to give him up, and very soon. The boyfriend had a catastrophic stroke, even though he's only 32. He miraculously survived, and is even starting to walk and use his extremities again. They've been out of work for almost a year now, though, and have to move in with relatives to make ends meet. None of the relatives are able to take Rocky. I have been trying so, SO hard to find him a home, or even a temporary foster, but I've been unsuccessful. Could you please help me network him and find him a good home? We're running out of time.

I know that he's three years old, 95 pounds, updated on his shots, neutered and microchipped. He has been great around the baby and two chihuahuas where he lives now. I don't know about cats. He's very affectionate and craves interaction with his people. The only aggression he's ever shown is slight food aggression if you stick your hand in his bowl while he's eating, and I know that can be trained out of him.

  • Thank you for anything you can do.

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