Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The apple didn't fall too far from the tree

Being raised in a household like mine, where animals have always been considered part of the family, my son Jeremy is becoming more and more like his mom every day.
Yesterday I received a text from him early in the day asking if we had any small dogs for adoption at Satchel's Last Resort, the rescue where I volunteer. One of the ladies who works with him was looking for a small dog. I gave him the website and told him to see who was available but to also check out other rescues for smaller dogs, since we are not known for ours.
Several hours later, I received a text from his fiance, who explained the latest animal news. Jeremy was riding his bike home from the gym, down Tuttle Avenue in the rain, when a small Papillion ran in the road and was almost hit several times by the cars whizzing by. Jeremy being Jeremy, picked her up and attempted to find someone looking for her. She had a collar on with tags from Sarasota County Animal Services and because it was after 5 p.m. they called me to find out what to do with her.
I instructed them to call Animal Services. They had an after-hours number and would be able to locate the owner from the tags. Animal Services was swamped, of course, and they took the information while Jeremy and Emily agreed to keep her overnight until the office opened this morning. They were instructed to call back if something happened which would not allow them to keep this little girl overnight.
When they got her home, Jeremy said she smelled so bad he had to attempt to give her a bath before they could settle her in for the night with their two dogs. When he got her in the bathtub, he noticed what at first he thought were fleas crawling all over her and how skinny she actually was. The fleas were not fleas at all, but hundreds of ticks. Her toenails were so long she was also having trouble walking. Jeremy decided he could not expose their dogs to all those ticks, so they called animal control back and made arrangements for the truck to come and get the dog. Along with that, they took Jeremy's information, because he says whoever owns her doesn't deserve her. If she is not claimed, Jeremy and Emily are going to go back and adopt her. They were both almost in tears because they couldn't keep her last night.
I will keep you posted on the outcome. If she doesn't go back to her previous owner, she will either end up with Jeremy and Emily or their friend who is looking for a small dog. What are owner's thinking? I hope I am wrong and she wasn't dumped but is really a little lost dog trying to find her way home.

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